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We can confirm that there was a derailment on the R. J. Corman Railroad Company Western Ohio Lines (RJCW) in the town on Greenville, OH. Nine cars were involved, including six empty hopper cars followed by three loaded ethanol tanks. There were no injuries or environmental issues related to the derailment. With the support of local emergency response from the Greenville Fire Department and Greenville Police Department we were able to secure the area of the incident and determine there was no threat to the community. After the initial assessment multiple crews and an environmental team were dispatched to work the site and continue to monitor the situation. We will continue to investigate to properly determine the root cause of this incident.

We want to extend our utmost appreciation to all first responders and local organizations that responded to the incident. We are grateful to community of Greenville for their support and patience as we act responsibly to investigate and repair.