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WTGR would love to wish you or your loved ones a happy birthday on the radio!

Just let us know when you’ll be celebrating or let us know about a friend or a family member who has a birthday, and we’ll surprise them!

Each weekday at 7:20am, one person will receive a 9” 1-topping pizza from Pick Six Drive Thru & Pizza in Versailles, a FREE Car Wash from Greenville Car Wash and a Lunch Special from the Dairy King in Greenville.

NO BIRTHDAYS for the following month will be accepted until the last two weeks of the month we are in. Any birthday received prior to this will not be saved and must be resubmitted. You can still call in during the program at 7:20am at 937-547-9984 or 1-866-975-9847 (WTGR).

Fill in all the information below, (do not leave any blank lines) if you should not want to submit their age just put a ?, then click submit.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Month Day, Year